Board of Directors

President Director - Welly Thomas


Indonesian citizen, born in Ujung Pandang on December 11, 1972. Graduated Master of Business Administration from the Eastern Michigan University, Michigan, USA in 1996. Began his career as an Equity Sales in ABN AMRO Asia Securities 1997-2000. Served as a Vice President of Equity Sales in Net Securities 2000-2003. Recent positions are President Commissioner PT Binatek Reka Kruh since 2006, Commisioner PT Retco Prima Energi since 2006 and President Director PT Bintang Mitra Semestaraya Tbk since 2011.

Independent Director - Tony Santosa

Indonesian citizen, born in Jakarta on August 22, 1955. Graduated Bachelor of Technic from Trisakti University in 1980. Began his career as Marketing Staff PT Putera Tolhas 1980, Parts Inventory Controller PT Berca Indonesia1980-1986, Parts Inventory Manager PT Altrak 1986-1988, Import & Technical Buying Manager PT Scanchemie/PT Tempo 1988-1990, Project Development Assistant Manager PT Inti Salim Corpora 1991-1993, Purchasing & Procurement Manager PT Sulfindo Adiusaha 1993-2014, Sales & Marketing General Manager PT Bintang Mitra Semestaraya Tbk 2014. Recent position as Independent Director PT Bintang Mitra Semestaraya Tbk since June 2017