Internal audit assists the Board of Directors in implementing internal control function, conducts an independent assessment of all activities with the aim to add value and improve operational efficiency, supports the policy of the Board of Directors in order to achieve corporate objectives with respect to efficiency and operational effectiveness, and evaluate the adequacy and management functions risk, internal control and corporate governance processes (Good Corporate Governance).

In performing its duties, internal audit framework is based on the Internal Audit Charter governing the functioning of the internal audit activity. Internal audit communicate and meet regularly with the directors, commissioners and the audit committee.

Internal audit checks and evaluates the implementation of the internal control system and risk control through the application of risk management, and provides advice to the management to take necessary action to minimize the potential risks that may occur. The internal audit supports efficiency and effectiveness of the Company's management to conduct inspections and assessments in the areas of finance, accounting, operations, human resources, marketing, information technology and other activities.

Charter of Unit Audit Internal in pdf - download