The audit committee is one important tool in the implementation of good corporate governance. Audit committee established by the Board of Commissioners to run the tasks and functions in accordance with Bapepam & LK. IX.I.5.

The Audit Committee assists the Board of Commissioners to ensure that the Company has a good internal control tools and sufficient to maintain the value of the Company assets or equity of the shareholders. It includes doing an assessment of the Company financial information to ensure compliance with generally accepted accounting principles in Indonesia, as well as the disclosure requirements as statutory provisions in the Capital Market.

The Audit Committee also oversees the performance of internal audit, reviewing audit policies and their implementation, as well as coordinating the audit with the task of the external audit. The Audit Committee provides opinion and report to the board on all matters requiring the attention of the commissioner.

In exercising its control function, the Audit Committee is responsible to the Board of Commissioners.

The audit committee meets regularly every 3 months with routine activity among others :

1.     Reviewing and evaluating financial statements that will be published by the Company and advising the outcome to the commissioner and directors.

2.     Reviewing the Company's compliance with rules and regulations relating to the Company activities.

3.     Evaluating the Company organizational structure and ensuring the practical implementation of good corporate governance principles.

4.     Reviewing the internal audit policy and its implementation.

Membership of the Company's audit committee is chaired by the Independent Commissioner. Since May 24, 2021  Audit Comitte is chaired by Marina  which is Independent Commissioner. Two independent parties of Audit Committes are Johnson Napitupulu and Liliany Widjaja.